Wednesday, April 21, 2010

These are the things that I like

I really love the beach.I live right over the road from the beach so I get to go pretty much every day.I'm partial to a bit of swimming, on occasion, but only when I'm feeling especially brave. I mostly don't like swimming though. My body's just not really built for swimming.

I do love a good kip too. I can sleep all day if i have to. I mostly sleep in the nude and alone, but every now and then I don't mind cuddling up to someone special.
I got this toy from my Mum. She must be stoopid cause she keeps buying them for me to rip apart and spread their white fluffy guts all over the house. She must really like picking up all those bits of fluff cause she just keeps on buying them for me.

Did I mention I like sleeping

Oh sleeeeeeping is soooo gooooood. Yawn.

Don't mind a spot of reading when i get a spare minute from sleeping.

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